Dwellings of the Peoples of Russia

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Photo by: Denis Knyazev
Photo by: Denis Knyazev

The concept of "house", a building where the family lives, exists in all languages ​​of the peoples of Russia. The dwelling is one of the main elements of folk culture, where ancient traditions are preserved.

Ethnographers say that there are about 20 types of dwellings in our country. Each of them is divided into a dozen varieties and local variants. The Russian hut in Arkhangelsk and the hut in the Belgorod region differ from each other no less than the Nenets plague from the Tuva yurt. The house of the Perm Tatars is more like the homes of Russian and Udmurt neighbors than the houses of the Astrakhan Tatars.

The dwelling largely depends on the way of life and type of occupation. The settled farmer, whose wealth is a piece of land and its harvest, needs a reliable, solid house, standing on the ground, surrounded by farming buildings. A nomadic pastoralist, whose life depends on his herds, requires a house that can easily be transported to a new pasture. Hunters and fishermen, in their turn, can have several houses located on commercial land.

Visitors to the III Festival of the Russian Geographical Society saw the interiors of the Tuvan plague, the Chukchi yaranga, the Bashkir yurt, the Kuban hut, the Russian hut. There were authentic household items in all expositions.