All-Russian Geographical Dictation 2016

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The All-Russian Geographical Dictation took place in Russia for the second time on November 20, 2016. It was organized by the Russian Geographical Society on the initiative of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Society Vladimir V. Putin. The main purpose of the event was to assess the level of geographical literacy of the population.

Three versions of tasks were prepared to carry out the Dictation in the regions of the Far East, Siberia and the European territory of Russia, and also there was the version to hold the online version of the Dictation.

Each of the versions included 30 questions on the knowledge of geographical concepts and terms, the location of geographical objects on a map and their determination according to travelers' diaries and fragments of fiction. The time to complete the tasks was 45 minutes. The total time of the action was 60 minutes, including instructing the participants.

The Dictation was evaluated according to the 100-point system. Each participant was assigned an individual identification number by which person can check his or her result on the website of the Russian Geographical Society.

Regional venues opened for all comers at 12 noon local time on the day of the Dictation. There were no age or other restrictions. In total, 1464 venues were organized in 85 federal subjects of the Russian Federation, which is 7.1 times more than in 2015.

The first All-Russian Geographical Dictation took place on November 1, 2015 at 210 regional venues.

The Online Dictation took place for three days from November 20 to November 23, 2016.

In total, 187,187 people took part in the action in 2016. Of these, 92,240 people wrote the Dictation in person and 94,947 tested their knowledge on the website. The total number of participants increased by 2.6 times compared with the previous year (the number of participants that wrote the Dictation in person increased by more than 2 times, the number of participants tested online increased by more than 3.4 times).

71,929 people took part in the action in 2015. Of these, 44,365 people wrote the Dictation in person and 27,564 participants tested their knowledge on the Society's website.

Among the regions, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) became the absolute leader in the number of Dictation participants for the second year in a row, where more than 15 thousand people checked their geographical literacy at 500 venues. In second place is the Republic of Bashkortostan, where the Dictation was written by more than 6 thousand people at 87 venues. St. Petersburg took the third place in the number of participants (more than 4 thousand participants at 27 venues). The list of five leaders also included Moscow and the Samara region, where more than 3 thousand people became participants of the Dictation (at 47 and 59 venues).

The number of Dictation participants in Russian regions