Geographical Dictation 2019

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The Geographical Dictation of the Russian Geographical Society was held in Russia and abroad on October 27, 2019. A large-scale international educational campaign, initiated by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, was held by the Russian Geographical Society for the fifth time.

By tradition, the Dictation was held in person on specially organized venues, and it took place online on the project website:

Everyone had an opportunity to not only take part in the test of geographical knowledge, but also organize a Dictation venue in their region. Since July 29, registration of venues was open on the project website for organizations wishing to hold an action within their walls. Registration wias available until October 10, 2019.

The Dictation is composed in four versions: the first one is for conducting on the territory of Russia and on the territory of foreign countries, another version is for persons with visual disabilities, another version is for conducting the Dictation on-line and also there is a Demo version. All versions were compiled in two languages ​​- Russian and English.
Each version of the Dictation consisted of 40 questions divided into two parts, differing in degree of difficulty. The first part of the simplified level of 10 questions, the so-called “geographical educational program, was based on well-known facts from geography, the second part (30 questions) required the use of visual thinking, system logic and erudition.

We would like to recall that the Geographical Dictation is carried out in order to popularize geographical knowledge since 2015. The action has become an international event since 2017. Last year, the Dictation was written in 97 countries of the world. Greeting its participants was sent from the International Space Station orbit by the Russian cosmonaut Sergei Prokopyev. In Russia, the Republic of Bashkortostan became the leader in the number of venues, where the Dictation was held in 416 organizations. Leaders abroad were China (10 venues) and the Republic of Belarus (9 venues) abroad. More than 257 thousand people wrote Dictation at the venues, another 119 thousand people checked their knowledge online. About 900 thousand people became its participants in just four years of the Dictation.

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