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1 What is the development strategy of the museum as a tourist attraction? When is it planned to open the water route to the battery?

The Russian Geographical Society tries to position the positioning of the Konstantinovskaya Battery as an object of cultural and historical heritage and one of the main attractions of Sevastopol and Crimea as a whole. Since the object is distant from the city center, the Russian Geographical Society has organized a water route for transporting visitors to the citadel. 

2. What is the relation between the Konstantinovskaya battery and the "Ravelink" company?

According to the agreement with the Russian Geographical Society, the "RavelinK"company  is engaged in tour services and organizes excursions on the Konstantinovskaya battery. Excursions are conducted by local professional guides with many years of experience. Excursions are carried in the organized groups by prior reservation: +7-978-94-500-85.

The Konstantinovskaya battery is state property and is property of  Sevastopol. Since 2014, the Russian Geographical Society has an agreement for temporary use  of the battery without charge.  It carries out reconstruction and restoration works in the fort. Hopefully, it will soon be possible to accommodate exhibitions, a scientific library, and an archive here.

3. When is the second part of the battery planned to open?

The Konstantinovskaya battery is one of the symbols of the city of Sevastopol, a real shrine that deserves the highest quality restoration. In this regard, the second phase of the restoration project will take a long time. Our main principle is to do no harm. Currently, restoration and preparation works are underway, but, however, the exact dates have not been determined yet.

4. Will you open the second floor of the battery building?

We will definitely open it. In the summer season it is planned to open an exhibition of works by the Most Beautiful Country contest winners and finalists and it will be located on the second floor of the battery building.

5. What exhibitions work within the walls of the citadel?

Today, there are three exhibitions in the citadel: "Konstantinovskaya Battery: Two Centuries on Guard of the Motherland", "The Russian Geographical Society History" and the exposition of works by tthe Most Beautiful Country contest winners and finalists.