The Most Beautiful Country Photo Contest

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“The Most Beautiful Country” is an annual event, a large-scale media project of the Russian Geographical Society aimed at preserving the nature of Russia and promoting an attitude of care towards the environment. It was first held in 2015. 

There are neither age nor location limits to enter the contest. The main condition is that photos submitted to the contest should have been taken in the territory of Russia.

More than 400,000 images have been uploaded to the website of the contest at for 5 years of its . 

The selection of images is conducted in several stages.  At the first stage works are checked to comply with requirements and rules of the contest. Then on the website of the contest they are reviewed by independent experts, including professional photographers and heads of photo services of the Russian leading news agencies. The pictures that have a score of 4-5 are through to the semi-finals. Then at a meeting at the Society HQ, each expert selects 10 best photos in each category. The photographs with the highest number of votes go to the finals. The winners are selected by the jury.

The works are evaluated and selected anonymously: neither experts nor jury members see names of their authors. 

“Such contests provide an opportunity to make more and more discoveries, and even those people who often travel through the country and have seen quite a lot can understand once again that there is no such beautiful country as Russia”, said Sergey Shoygu, the president of the Russian Geographical Society.

On February 16, acceptance of works for the VI RGS photo contest “The Most Beautiful Country” ended. 59 538 pictures were received from 8645 authors. Of these, 48,198 works went to the main competition "The Most Beautiful Country", and 11,340 - in the sub-competition "The Most Beautiful Country through the Eyes of Children". In May 2020, a jury meeting will be held at which well-known photographers, public figures and cultural figures will determine the names of the winners. The chairman of the jury is Konstantin Leifer.

The winners of the photo contest “The Most Beautiful Country” will receive 250 thousand rubles each, and the winners of the “The Most Beautiful Country Through the Eyes of the Children” will receive professional cameras. The works of all the finalists will be regularly featured in photo exhibitions that take place in Russia and abroad.

Regulations of the contest are available here