Protection of endangered species: Pallas's cat

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The Preservation of the Transbaikal Pallas's cat project

The Russian Geographical Society has been supporting the project since 2013.

Project “Preserving the Transbaikal Pallas's cat" of the FGBU " State nature reserve "Daursky" won the Russian Geographical Society grant in nomination "Environmental activity" in 2013.

The project is focused on preservation of unique, beautiful and rare cat - manul.

Manul is enlisted in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and the IUCN Red List with the status "Near Threatened". It is one of the least studied wild cats in the world, with wide distribution area from Transcaucasus to eastern Mongolia.

The project will allow widening knowledge on the animal’s biology and finding main reasons of population size oscillations. Remote collar marking and photorecording are supposed to help to get new data about key habitats of Pallas's cat and its migration reasons, evaluate kittens and adult cats survival rate under different food and weather conditions, and their liability to infectious diseases.

Environmental recommendations will become the result of the project. Production of popular scientific movie, photo illustrations etc. are also planned for production. These materials will be demonstrated to people living close to the Pallas's cat and thus will help to overwhelm ignorance and apathy to save the predator.