Protection of endangered species: Przewalski's horse

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The Russian Geographical Society has been supporting "The return of the Przewalski's horse" project since 2011.

The project aims to recreate the natural population of the Przewalski's horse within its historic range. In the Orenburg region the steppe plot of 16.5 thousand hectares has been selected for the reintroduction of the Przewalski's horse.

It is planned to estalish the Center of reintroduction consisting of acclimatization pens and the research hospital. Przewalski's horses derived from Russian and European breeding centers and zoos will undergo adaptation in the center. After that they will be released into the wild. In case of favorable reintroduction process and increase of the number of created groups of animals, resettlement of Przewalski horses in the Orenburg region is planned.

Nowadaysthere are two natural populations of the Przewalski's horse in the world, both live in Mongolia. Creation of another natural population within the historic range will increase the chances of regeneration of the species which is now considered extinct.