RGS Award 2016

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The Russian Geographical Society Award is an award in the field of national geography, ecology, preservation and popularization of the natural, historical and cultural heritage of Russia. It is held once every two years and has an international status. It was awarded in 2014 for the first time.

The award goes to the projects and achievements that have been successfully implemented. Among them are the significant results of scientific research, outstanding expeditions; innovative ideas in the field of education and enlightenment; popular science films that open the world of science and geography; publications allowing to expand one`s horizons; as well as other projects devoted to geography, ecology, ethnography, history, and culture of Russia.

A citizen or organization from any country of the world could apply for the Award, provided that their projects are dedicated to Russia.

In 2016, applications were considered in the following categories:

- Expeditions;

- Scientific research;

- Education and enlightenment;

- Popularization of the natural, historical and cultural heritage of Russia;

- Public acknowledgement

Applications were accepted from July 1 to September 30, 2016.

The finalists of the Award were determined by a jury headed by the President of the Society Sergey Shoigu. The jury also included the First Vice Presidents of the Russian Geographical Society Arthur Chilingarov and Nikolai Kasimov, directors Nikita Mikhalkov and Fedor Bondarchuk, TV presenters Nikolai Drozdov and Mikhail Kozhukhov, a scientist and traveler Frederick Paulsen, as well as other famous scientists, public figures, representatives of culture and art.

The award ceremony took place on November 24, 2016.

Winners of the RGS Award 2016.