Award 2018

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Photo: RGS press service
Photo: RGS press service

The Award of the Russian Geographical Society honors the most outstanding achievements made in geography, ecology, preservation and promotion of the natural, historical and cultural heritage of Russia. It occurs once every two years and has an international status. It was first held in 2014.

The Award celebrates astonishing research work, expeditions, popular science films, and books on geography, ecology, ethnography, history and culture of Russia.

Jury of the Award 2018 (in Russian)

Individuals or companies (organizations) from any country could submit an application upon condition that their projects are dedicated to Russia.

Concept of the Award 2018 (in Russian)

In 2018 applications were submitted in the following categories:

1. "The best science project" (results of scientific research in the field of geography and related sciences)

Winner: "Digital Herbarium of Lomonosov Moscow State University"

2. "The best historical and cultural project" (projects in the field of archeology, ethnography and related sciences aimed at studying, restoring, preserving and promoting historical and cultural monuments)

Winner"Flooded Shrines of the Mologia Territory"

3. "The best educational project in geography" (educational projects in geography and related sciences)

Winner: "All-Russian Reserve Lesson"

4. "The best expedition in Russia" (results of research expeditions in geography and related sciences)

Winner: "Tyurikov's Board. Return"

5. “The best environmental project" (results of projects aimed at studying, restoring and preserving the environment and biological diversity, as well as promoting rational use of natural resources)

Winner: "Clean Games"

6. "The best media project" (popular science and documentary films, television, Internet and radio projects, books and journals in geography and related sciences)

Winner: Documentary film "Kamchatka Bears. The Beginning of Life"

7. "The best youth projects" (results of research work, expeditions, educational projects in the field of geography and related sciences; their leaders and/or participants are aged 14 -35)

Winner: "GoodSurfing - travels with meaning"

8. Special jury prize

Winner: "Youth volunteer project to preserve the flooded lighthouse church in Krokhino"

Applications were accepted from April 27 till September 28, 2018. The award ceremony took place on December 7, 2018.

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