Youth Cinema Club

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A meeting of the Youth Club

Students, graduate students, young professionals and creative people interested in films about nature, travel, geography of our country, its culture, history, and ethnography are encouraged to join the Youth Cinema Club of the Russian Geographical Society.

Within the framework of the Youth Cinema Club, the films created with the support of the Society, as well as films of the Russian Geographical Society partners are shown to the audience. Meetings of the Youth Cinema Club are held at least once a month. The authors of the film, the people involved in the filming process, as well as experts on the topic highlighted in the film are invited for every meeting. Each participant has the opportunity to ask any questions to filmmakers and discuss with them the process of creating documentary films. The authors, in turn, willingly share their secrets of mastery and talk about their expeditions.

Such films as "Geographers to the Great Victory", "Nikolai Przhevalsky, “The expedition is a lifetime”, "Delta, giving life" presented to the members of the Club had a great success among the audience. 

Famous guests are occasionally invited to club meetings. For instance, well-known TV presenters Ivan Zatevakhin and Valdis Pelsh. The descendants of famous travelers Nikolai Miklukho-Maclay and Nikolai Przhevalsky, took part in one film screening.