Youth Club

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“The area of geography is great and amazing! What other science can be more beautiful”

 Nikolai Gogol, "Arabesques. Thoughts on geography"

The Youth Club of the Russian Geographical Society welcomes young talented, enthusiastic and proactive people who are interested in geography, history, ecology of their native land, country and planet. This project was created to unite young men sharing the ideas and values of the Russian Geographical Society and to help them learn more about geography, traditions and culture of Russia.

Concept for creating clubs has been carefully designed, and now it has well defined goals, objectives and directions of the clubs' activities, as well as properly described technologies for their creation and organization of work, the rights and duties of participants.

Youth clubs of the Society are opened all over the country on the basis of schools, universities, additional education centers, regional branches of the Society, specialized geographic and ecological centers. Young clubs in different regions allow all those interested in geography to participate in clubs’ projects without leaving their native regions. All sorts of games, discussions, quests, conferences, excursions, competitions – all this and much more has become available to many enthusiastic children across the country. You can find information about the nearest Youth club of the Russian geographical society here. 

In addition, members of youth clubs get a chance to fulfil themselves in different spheres, in national and international projects of the Russian Geographical Society, to go to volunteer expeditions where students and young scientist discover the secrets of ancient Siberian cities, sail on the largest Russian frigates, take part in geographical and archaeological research and excavations. Other youth projects of the Society (cinema club, intellectual club, quests) have also become a platform for live communication, where you can not only find an interesting interlocutor, but also make friends.й.

Don’t miss your chance to join our friendly team.