Youth Intellectual Club

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A meeting of the Youth Intellectual Club

The Youth Intellectual Club of the Russian Geographical Society unites caring and ambitious young scientists, students, post-graduate students, teachers who are interested in actual problems of modern society. Anyone between the ages of 14 and 35 can take part in the activity of the Youth Intellectual Club of the Russian Geographical Society.

Thematic meetings of the Youth Intellectual Club are held at least once a month. Special experts are invited to take part in the meeting on problematic topics, and interested young people team up, develop and submit their point of view for the discussion.

The most interesting topics for young people were: "Development of Small Towns, Monocities and Science Cities of Russia", "Food and Environmental Security", "Problems of Demography and Development of the Far East", "Globalization and Preservation of Cultural Identity in the Modern World", "Development of Domestic Tourism in Russia "and many others.

The Youth Intellectual Club was established in 2015 jointly with Lomonosov Moscow State University with the support of the Coordinating Council for Youth in the Field of Science and Education under The Presidential Council for Science and Education in the Russian Federation.