The First All-Russian Youth Meeting

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The first All-Russian Youth Meeting of the representatives of the regional branches of the Russian Geographical Society was held from November 2 to November 6, 2013.

The Meeting was a great opportunity for young representatives of the regional branches of the Society to get acquainted and exchange experiences. And their senior colleagues were able to evaluate the work with the younger generation in the regional branches, identify promising areas for the development of this activity and outline plans for the future. One of the main events of the Meeting was the announcement of the start of the youth movement of the Russian Geographical Society.

The event took place in the cultural and educational center "Ethnomir" (Kaluga Oblast), where more than 180 delegates from 60 federal subjects of Russia gathered. Each region was represented by a team of three people, which included one adult mentor and two students of 7th-9th grades. All of them came to the Meeting as a result of competitive selection and have a serious list of achievements in the field of geography, regional studies, ethnography and history.