The bulletin of the Russian Geographical Society "Home Country" has been published since 2022. The full-color magazine tells about the daily life of the Russian Geographical Society, introduces the reader to the brightest events in the life of the Society, expeditions, competitions, exhibitions and other projects. This is a magazine for those who can relate to our values and are interested in our work.

"Literally every day there are events that are somehow connected with the activities of the Russian Geographical Society. We go on expeditions where sometimes amazing discoveries happen, we do not let those of our predecessors who made Russia great be forgotten, we care about the preservation of our nature, we hold contests, we support important initiatives, and we never cease to be amazed by how beautiful our country is.

We see that the work that the members of the Russian Geographical Society are passionate about causes a lively response from thousands of people. They comment on the publications of the RGS on social networks, suggest something or just share their emotions. For this, we are grateful to them. And also, to digital technologies. Without computers, smartphones and the Internet, the current life is unthinkable.

But sometimes you want to stop for a minute, take a closer look at a photo, think about what you’ve read, reflect. Many important discoveries began with a dream, a fantasy!

As a person who grew up on paper books, the feeling of turning over the pages and immersing yourself in the world of your impressions from what you’ve read is very dear to me. I shared these feelings with my colleagues, and they told me that they felt the same way sometimes too.

Thus, the idea of creating a popular magazine of the Russian Geographical Society describing the life of our organization was born."

President of the Russian Geographical Society Sergei Shoigu

"Home Country" is, in some ways, a successor to “Bulletin of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society”, which was published from 1851 to 1860. The reports on the activities of the Society itself and the scientific research of its members were published there. Now purely scientific articles are published in "The Russian Geographical Society Herald". This is one of the oldest scientific journals in Russia, it has been published since 1865. And "Home Country" is a current chronicle of the life of the Society and at the same time a collection of the best publications from the RGS website.

The first issue of the magazine is dedicated to what the Russian Geographical Society was doing in 2021. Later on, the magazine of the RGS "Home Country" began to be published quarterly.

The bulletin of the RGS "Home Country" No. 1. (in Russian)