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The publication of the journal GEOGRAPHY, ENVIRONMENT, SUSTAINABILITY is designed to highlight the theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of the interdisciplinary areas included in its title (geography, environment, sustainable development), as well as a wide range of their diverse applications.

In this journal, the reader will not only find up-to-date materials on the stated topics, but will also have the opportunity to evaluate their integration capabilities, complexity, topicality, innovativeness. Among the main sections of the journal are the theory of geography and ecology; theory of sustainable development; nature management; natural resources; global and regional environmental and climate changes; socio-economic geography; ecological regional planning; sustainable regional development; applied aspects of geography and ecology; geoinformatics and environmental mapping; environmental problems of the oil and gas sector; conservation of biodiversity; health and environment; education for sustainable development.

The authors are well-known specialists in various fields of geographical sciences and related scientific disciplines, as well as young scientists who are just beginning to declare the results of their research. The journal provides all of them with ample opportunities for open scientific discussion and fruitful exchange of opinions.

The main criteria for the selection of publications are relevance for the development of theory and practice; global or regional level of research; quality information and statistical base, and methodological support; informative accompanying and illustrative material. All materials received from the authors undergo an independent "double" review and, if the reviews are positive, are accepted for publication on the recommendation of the members of the Editorial Board of the journal. The languages in which articles are published in the journal are English and French (by the decision of the Editorial Board) – the working languages in most international organizations.

The journal's publications are aimed at Russian and foreign geographers; ecologists; specialists in nature conservation and environmental management, use of GIS technologies and geographical mapping, education in the field of sustainable development; as well as practitioners in the field of environmental sciences.