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Journal “Ice and Snow” is a periodical publication in the field of glaciology and cryology of the Earth. It continues the series «Dataof Glaciological Studies» that was established in 1961 by the USSR Academy of Sciences. Under its previous title the journal was regularly published from two to four issues per year. During this period 500 copies of the journal were printed for each of 108 issues, each containing about 240 pages. Past issues of this publication are available in the electronic “Glaciological library”.

The journal “Ice and Snow” has been published under this name since 2010. Its themes cover studies of atmospheric ice, snow cover and avalanches, mountain glaciers and polar ice sheets, sea, river, lake and underground ices, glacial flows and icings as well as past glaciations on the Earth and possible cooling in future. Its scope also includes applied topics such as processes of icing, snow storms and drifts, movements of surging glaciers and glacier floods, like the known catastrophe of 2002 on the Caucasus Kolka Glacier.

Founders of the journal are the Institute of Geography of the RAS and the Russian Geographical Society. Its editorial board includes leading glaciologists from Russia and neighboring countries. The journal is published four times a year, i.e. in spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Articles are published in the Russian language with summaries and extended abstracts in English (explanations of figures are also given in two languages). Each issue contains 144 pages in A4 format. Some articles are printed with figures in color.

Permanent headings of the journal are: glaciers and ice sheets; snow cover and avalanches; sea, river, lake ices; underground ices and aufeises (naleds); palaeoglaciology; applied problems; journeys and discoveries; criticism and bibliography; reviews and chronicles.

The journal issues are prepared in the Institute of Geography RAS, where its editorial board and office are located.

Address of the editorial office: 117312, Moscow, Vavilov str., 37, Institute of Geography RAS.


Tel.:+7 (499) 124-73-82