Сommission of Territorial Organization and Planning

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Co-Chair of the Commission

Baklanov Peter Yakovlevich

Vice-president of the Society, Director of the Pacific Institute of Geography of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Academician


Co-Chair of the Commission 

Razumovsky Vladimir Mikhailovich

Vice-president of the Society, Head of the Department of Regional Economics and Environmental Sciences of St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor

The Commission of the Russian Geographical Society on territorial organization and planning was established as the successor of the Council on the territorial organization of the Society and regional development in 2013. The Commission includes well-known Russian scientists specializing in various areas of geography and regional sciences and representing teams of academic, university, design and applied scientific organizations. The Commission’s co-chairmen are Vice-Presidents of the Russian Geographical Society Petr Yakovlevich Baklanov and Vladimir Mikhailovich Razumovsky, the duties of the Academic Secretary are performed by Vladimir Efimovich Shuvalov.

According to the statutory provisions and the development strategy of the Russian Geographical Society, the work of the Commission is aimed at:

- organization and support of public initiatives aimed at a comprehensive study and a deep understanding of the economic and geographical uniqueness of the economy and the population of Russia and its regions;

- the collection, processing and dissemination of reliable economic and geographical and statistical information about the population and the economy of Russia;

- mobilization of the intellectual potential of the members of the Russian Geographical Society to solve actual problems of regional development of Russia, strategic and territorial planning;

- promotion of scientific creativity, development of geographical and related sciences, large-scale distribution and introduction into practice of the best achievements of the national economic and geographical science;

- popularization of economic and geographical knowledge of Russia, its districts and cities.