XV Congress

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On November 7, 2014 in Moscow, in Lomonosov building of Moscow State University  the Russian Geographical Society's XV Congress will take place. 

The Congress is the supreme governing body of the All-Russian public organization, the oldest public organization of the country. It is attended by delegates elected by regional and local branches of the Society, members of the Governing Council, delegates of the Academic Council, the Council of Elders and the Council of Regions. 

At the XV Congress of the Russian Geographical Society President of the Society Sergei Shoigu will deliver a report on the work of the organization in 2010-2014. Elections of the President of the Society, members of the Governing Council, the Academic Board and the Audit Committee will be held. The Congress will also address a number of operational issues. 

In addition, awards will be presented. For outstanding achievements and accomplishments in the field of geography and related sciences and for the help in achieving the goals and objectives of the Society the title of "Honorary Member of the Russian Geographical Society" will be awarded, along with the medals of the Russian Geographical Society. The presentation of these insignia puts their owners on a par with such scholars as Konstantin Staritskiy, Mikhail Pevtsov, Vladimir Koppen, Leonid Breytfus and others. 

Among the events of the Congress is the assignment of the new award of the Russian Geographical Society - the Gold Medal of the famous Russian ethnographer, anthropologist, biologist and traveler Nicholai Miklukho-Maclay. It will be awarded for studies in the field of ethnography, anthropology, historical geography and for outstanding travels and achievements in preservation of historical and cultural heritage. 

About 240 delegates from across the country and special guests will attend the Congress.