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Затопление скифских курганов Саяно-Шушенским водохранилищем в Туве. Чаа-Холь. Фото: Павел Леус
03 August 2021

Archaeologists had to work in conditions of abnormal floods

Фото предоставлено ИИМК РАН
19 June 2021

The expedition of the Russian Geographical Society and the IHMC RAS continues in Tuva

26 December 2020

Part of the quarters of residential buildings and outbuildings was also found at the site.

20 December 2020

The project is supported by the Kostroma Regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society

06 November 2020

They can be seen by participants of the tour route of the RGS - "The Golden Ring of the Bosporan Kingdom"