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Район исследовния. Фото 1
15 June 2020

Scientists are sure that the place of Atil is determined with a high degree of probability

Крепость Пор-Бажын на острове в озере Тере-Холь в сентябре 2006 года. Фото: МЧС
12 June 2020

It was a Manichaean monastery, the construction of which started in the summer of 777

Фото: Alex Pryor, с сайта phys.org
20 March 2020

The find sheds light on how ancient people experienced the ice age

Фото предоставлено ИАЭТ СО РАН. С сайта sbras.info
24 November 2019

The finding is about 45 thousand years old

25 July 2018

The interregional archaeological scientific expedition invites volunteers