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Фото предоставлено экспедиционным штабом Фёдора Конюхова
29 July 2021

The station drifted for 249 hours 25 minutes

Фото: wikipedia.org/RIA Novosti
07 July 2021

50 years ago, the icebreaker was created, the first to reach the pole in free navigation

Арктика. Фото: Леонид Круглов
29 May 2021

Scurvy, storms and ice: the price of polar voyages

Фото: Леонид Круглов
21 May 2021

An important event happened on the eve of Polar Explorer's Day, celebrated today

БезМЕДВЕЖность. Фото: Николай Гарнет
20 April 2021

The “Bear's Corner” project received a grant from the Russian Geographical Society