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Фото: Александр Бормотин
09 June 2022

The goal of the second season is to find combat aircraft and the remains of dead pilots

Колокол De Ruyter. Фото предоставлено Разведывательно-водолазной командой
29 May 2022

The head of the expedition Konstantin Bogdanov shares the details

На раскопках кургана Туннуг. Фото: Анна Клочко
18 May 2022

The next season of the expedition to explore the famous Scythian kurgan in Tuva has been opened

В поисках погибших кораблей. Фото: Разведывательно-водолазная команда
08 May 2022

The second season of the expedition searching for the ships sunk during the Second World War begins

25 February 2022

The scientific expedition worked on the rescue ship of the Black Sea Fleet "Epron"