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Изображение: Stichting Maritieme Schilderijen, Peter J. Sterkenburg
09 August 2020

Experts from the RGS Underwater Research Center have already found out that the merchant ship was carrying alcohol and perfume

Теплоход "Армения" 1935 год. Фото: wikipedia.org
23 July 2020

The website will help clarify the list of victims of the largest sea tragedy

Фото предоставлено ЦПИ РГО
07 July 2020

The ship was sunk by a Soviet torpedo during the Great Patriotic War

Архивный снимок парохода "Урания". Фото предоставлено ЦПИ РГО
03 July 2020

Underwater researchers study ships that have sunk more than 100 years ago

Теплоход "Армения" 1935 год. Фото: wikipedia.org
27 April 2020

The RGS specialists helped to identify the ship on which thousands of people died in 1941