Великая Отечественная война

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В поисках погибших кораблей. Фото: Разведывательно-водолазная команда
08 May 2022

The second season of the expedition searching for the ships sunk during the Second World War begins

11 October 2021

They were discovered during a joint operation of the Northern Fleet and the RGS.

На трассе ленд-лиза. Фото: Александр Бормотин
28 September 2021

The search specialists explored 14 airports of the Lend-Lease route

17 September 2021

On September 17, 1941, barge No. 752 sank during a storm

Алсиб, экспедиционная группа РГО и Министерства обороны. Фото: Александр Бормотин
06 September 2021

The ALSIB expedition members explored four more airfields