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Художественная реконструкция представителя эухарамийид. Рисунок: Чжао Чуан (Zhao Chuang). С сайта paleo.ru
11 July 2020

The animal is vaguely reminiscent of modern Siberian flying squirrels

Фото: Андрей Веселов
22 February 2020

The guys will spend about two months at sea

Изображение: Stichting Maritieme Schilderijen, Peter J. Sterkenburg
09 August 2020

Experts from the RGS Underwater Research Center have already found out that the merchant ship was carrying alcohol and perfume

Фото: Леонид Круглов
06 August 2020

The expedition will follow the route of the great polar explorers Vladimir Rusanov and Eduard Toll

03 August 2020

The expedition is timed to the 75th anniversary of the assault on Shumshu Island by Soviet paratroopers in August 1945