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Штурвал парохода "Эверита", останки которого обнаружены на глубине 106 метров. Фото: "Разведывательно-водолазная команда"
23 July 2021

About half of the victims of the entire Tallinn Breakout are found on the five discovered ships

11 July 2021

The expedition members are trying to reveal the secret of their origin

Страшные находки на глубине 96 метров. Фото: "Разведывательно-водолазная команда"
09 July 2021

The transports "Balkhash" and "Naissaar" were blown up by mines during the Tallinn Breakout

Фото: wikipedia.org/RIA Novosti
07 July 2021

50 years ago, the icebreaker was created, the first to reach the pole in free navigation

04 July 2021

Evgeny Kovalevsky and Stanislav Berezkin will circumnavigate the planet on a sailing trimaran