Congratulations from the Argentine Society of Geographical Studies

Good afternoon! As the president of the Argentine Society of Geographical Studies (GAEA) I congratulate you! The Russian Geographical Society is 175 years old.

It dates back to 1845, being one of the oldest in the world. Since the middle of the 19th century it has been excelling in research. Even though humanity is going through difficult times now, it also happened in the past. For example, the Black Death and so on, where a part of Europe suffered from these terrible pandemics that periodically plague humanity.

Here, we are also celebrating the 175 years of this magnificent Society created by Tsar Nicholas I. I congratulate the entire Russian Geographical Society because it is not easy to prevail for 175 years! It is not easy to go through 175 years of life in a changing world, where institutions last very little.

Congratulations ! Again, congratulations ! In this part, at this end of the world where I live, where I have dedicated my life to geographical studies, I salute this distant Society. In this globalized world we all have to be united, as it is very important for societies. I hope that one day we can go on a journey together, overcome obstacles so that geography could shine as it should. Many thanks, and onward, onward!

With this institution, and with desire to overcome all obstacles of humanity, onward, onward!

President of the Argentine Society of Geographical Studies (GAEA), Daniel Lipp