Congratulations from the Cuban Geographical Society

Good afternoon. My name is Jorge Luis Machin, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Director of the Institute of Tropical Geography of Cuba and President of the Cuban Geographical Society. I am accompanied by Lucas Fernández, Doctor of Geography, Scientific Secretary of the Cuban Geographical Society.

Let me on behalf of the Cuban Geographical Society and all Cuban geographers, to convey to you our warmest and most sincere congratulations on the 175th anniversary of the Russian Geographical Society and on the Day of Russian Geographers. We wish you success in the development and outspread of geographical sciences, and we take this opportunity to recognize the great contribution that the Russian Geographical Society has made over the period of its existence.

In particular, we wish to emphasize that we owe a lot to the Russian Geographical School for the substantial training of Cuban geographers and for the fact that they have led us to important results.

As an example of this serves the finish of the work at the end of last year on the National Atlas of Cuba, the last of 4 atlases created after the victory of the revolution and the first in a multimedia format. It was developed under the leadership of the Institute of Tropical Geography and the valuable participation of more than 300 professionals from 65 scientific, educational and industrial institutions of the country.

Another important achievement of the geographical sciences is our modest but important participation in the geospatial modelling of Covid-19 in Cuba under the supervision of the Faculty of Geography of the University of Havana and the Ministry of Health of Cuba.

Among the research projects that have the greatest impact on agriculture, we can mention the project "Environmental foundations for local food sustainability," which has led to the development of models for environmental management, the creation of environmental training systems, the use of renewable energy sources and the inclusion of measures to adapt to climate variability.

We can also talk about a project called InfoGEO, which was created to implement a single platform for all environmental information with a geographical reference, which is being created in Cuba in response to the Conventions on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Combating Desertification and Drought.

Thus, we feel united with the Russian Geographical Society and wish you every success, hoping to share with you the paths of Geography, committed to the health and well-being of our peoples.