Congratulations the Geographical Society of Munich

Dear colleagues, dear friends! Dear members of the Russian Geographical Society!

My name is Otfried Baume, I am Professor of Geography at the University of Munich and Chairman of the Geographical Society of Munich.

On behalf of the Munich Geographical Society and on my own, I want to congratulate all Russian geographers on Day of Geographer on August, 18. Russian geographers celebrate a great anniversary - 175 years ago the Russian Geographical Society was founded.

The Russian Geographical Society played an important role in the discovery and study of Siberia, the Far East, Central and Central Asia, the Arctic and Antarctic and the oceans. Thus, the Society became a pioneer in the systematic study of the country. Many famous researchers were members of the Society. What a magnificent tradition!

Today, the Russian Geographical Society is one of the oldest, most important and the largest geographical societies in the world. Especially Munich geographers can look back at long-term and close cooperation with Russian colleagues. Thank you for that, and all the best to you.