Congratulations from the Geographical Society of Uzbekistan

Hello dear colleagues.

Allow me, on behalf of the Geographical Society of Uzbekistan and on your own, to cordially congratulate all Russian fellow geographers on the new professional holiday - Geography Day. It is noteworthy that the official introduction of this date fell on the year of the 175th anniversary of the founding of the Russian Geographical Society. We hope that the celebration of Geography Day will become a good tradition for many years in the professional community.

It is encouraging to note that the scientific and educational relations of the Geographical Society of Uzbekistan and the Russian Geographical Society are developing fruitfully and dynamically on a solid basis, remaining the one of our priorities in the field of international cooperation.

In connection with the 175th anniversary of the Russian Geographical Society and Geographer's Day, I wish all Russian colleagues good health and longevity, family well-being and new prominent successes in scientific and pedagogical activities.

Let us hope for an early recession of the current pandemic and stabilization of the epidemiological situation in our countries and around the world, which will create an enabling environment for the resumption and further development of our face-to-face meetings and joint activities. Hope to see you soon, dear colleagues.