Congratulations from the Kyrgyz Geographical Society

Dear Russian colleagues, dear friends, with whom we have been cooperating for many years in the study of the territory of our countries.

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, dear Sergey Kuzhugetovich.

I congratulate the Russian Geographical Society on the 175th anniversary of its founding, the founding of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society.

Over the years, the Society has done a huge amount of work to study the vast expanses of Europe and Asia, and, of course, our Kyrgyzstan.

In 11 years after the founding of this Society, Semenov Peter Petrovich arrived in Tian Shan and conducted his research, which is still an invaluable legacy of geographers of modern times. He determined that the biodiversity of the highland, mid-mountain valleys of Kyrgyzstan, Tien Shan, is 50 percent or more the same as that of the Central Russian Upland. This led to the possibility of developing these territories, which is still ongoing.

Our cooperation during the 20s-90s of the past century is an example of how professional specialists from different countries should cooperate in the study of their territories.

Dear Russian colleagues! We hope that our cooperation will continue in the future. I wish you success, and we are always with you. Best wishes, my friends, friends of our Kyrgyz Geographical Society.