Congratulations from Qazaq Geography

Dear colleagues!

175 years of the Russian Geographical Society - an authoritative organization in the space of the Eurasian continent and around the world.

The path taken by the Russian Geographical  Society for its longstanding history - is a comprehensive learning of the territory of Russia and the world in their diversity: scientific expeditions, round-the-world travel, collection, systematization and publication of information.

The large-scale outspread and popularization of knowledge of geographical and related sciences provide the basis for achieving the long-term development goals of Russia.

The historical chronicle of the Russian Geographical Society is associated with the legendary names of prominent scientists-travelers of Russia: F. Berg, F. Litke, V. Wrangel, V. Perovsky, P. P. Semenov-Tyan-Shansky, P. K. Kozlov, V. A. Obruchev, G. N. Potanin, V. V. Dokuchaev and many others. In this galaxy of celebrities, Ch.Ch. Valikhanov, a full member of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society, who discovered Inner Asia to the world, takes a worthy place.

A whole era in the development of the Soviet and post-Soviet Russian Geographical Society is associated with the names of prominent scientists of Russia: A. A. Grigoriev, I. P. Gerasimov, D. L. Armand, G. A. Avsyuk, A. A. Mints, V. M. Kotlyakov, N. S. Kasimov, P. Ya. Baklanov, A.K. Tulukhonov and many others.

We are pleased to see the revival of the best traditions of philanthropy and the establishment of grants, in the frames of which there are many significant research, environmental and expeditionary projects carried out.

The world community was impressed by the recent study of the Russian shelf zone in the Arctic Ocean, conducted under the auspices of the Russian Geographical Society, as well as the implementation of a mission on deep diving in Lake Baikal.

We know that the RGO hosts hundreds of other important events every year throughout the country aimed at preserving the natural heritage, history and traditions of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

Discoveries, scientific victories, successful expeditions of the Russian Geographical Society cultivate the sense of patriotism, pride, understanding of the careful attitude to the natural and cultural diversity of Russia and strengthen its status as a great power.

Scientists, members of the "QazaqGeography," the staff of the Institute of Geography and Water Security of Kazakhstan highly appreciate the activities of the departments of the Russian Geographical Society on the territory of the Republic to hold its geographical, geological, natural-historical, ethnographic and archaeological studies. Your vast experience serves as a guide and an example for us. We carefully keep our creative contacts.

Let me congratulate the Russian Geographical Society on its anniversary on behalf of QazaqGeography!

We wish further success to RGS in fulfilling the noble mission!

We hope for fruitful cooperation.