100 years of protecting the law in the Kola Arctic

The book dedicated to anniversaries

The Prosecutor's office of the Murmansk region was created on August 25, 1922. On this day, the first prosecutor of the Murmansk region, Andrey Ivanov, issued an order: “On the basis of the decree of the Presidium of the Murmansk Regional Executive Committee of August 25, the Murmansk Regional Department of Justice is abolished from the mentioned date, instead of it the Regional Prosecutor's Office represented by the the People's Prosecutor of the region A. Ivanov is formed".

For a hundred years, the Prosecutor's Office of the Murmansk region has been guarding the law and order, preserving the legal foundations of our state, and protecting the interests of society.  It was thanks to the appearance of the Prosecutor's Office in the region that the state apparatus was formed and the development of the Kola Arctic in the interests of the state became possible.

The Murmansk Regional Branch of the Russian Civil Society is implementing a project dedicated to this anniversary, as well as the 300th anniversary of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation. The project has received the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Murmansk Region and is being implemented jointly with the Global Media agency, one of the leaders of the region in the publishing sector. The project is aimed at promoting patriotic feelings and civic engagement, raising awareness among young people about the activities and history of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, as well as increasing its social prestige. Within the framework of the project, the book “300 years of protecting the law” has been prepared. A presentation of the new book will take place in the near future. By publishing a book and holding a series of events, the project will allow people to get acquainted with the activities of the Prosecutor's Office. Moreover, it will serve as a tool for promoting patriotic feelings and civic engagement among young residents of the Murmansk region. Learn more about the project here.

Murmansk Regional Branch of the RGS sincerely congratulates the leadership and staff of the Prosecutor's Office of the Murmansk region on the anniversary! We highly appreciate your huge contribution to maintaining order and ensuring security in our country. We wish you good health, well-being and success in all your endeavors!