Happy Geographer's Day!

Dear friends!

On August 18, Russia celebrates Geographer's Day and the 177th anniversary of the creation of the Russian Geographical Society. The Murmansk Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society sincerely congratulates all those involved on their professional holiday! We wish you new achievements and discoveries, good luck in all your endeavors, well-being and good health!

The celebration of Geographer's Day unites geographers of various specializations: geomorphologists, landscape scientists, cryolithologists, glaciologists, paleogeographers, hydrologists, oceanologists, ecologists, soil scientists, meteorologists, climatologists, biogeographers, cartographers, geodesists, GIS specialists, geoinformatics, economic geographers, demographers, regional geographers and many others.

Geography is one of the oldest sciences of the earth, but geographers had never had a professional holiday until 2019, when it was established on the initiative of the Russian Geographical Society and on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The date choice was not random: on this day 177 years ago the Russian Geographical Society was established. For almost two centuries, representatives of the Russian Geographical Society have been working for the benefit of Russian science, they are engaged in research and educational activities, popularization of geography and related sciences, implementing outstanding projects both in Russia and other countries.

Recently, members of the Murmansk Regional Branch celebrated another important date – August 3 marked the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Branch. Representatives of the Murmansk Regional RGS Branch, fulfilling their main task aimed at popularizing geographical knowledge, take part in conferences, presentations of popular science books, are engaged in active expeditionary, educational, research activities, make a great contribution to the development of history and ecology of the Murmansk region.