More and more Murmansk guides are passing accreditation exams

Participants of the exam on Lenin Avenue. Photo by A. Yagodina

On June 20, yet another qualification exam of regional tour guides was held in Murmansk. The accreditation program is held by the autonomous non-profit organization “Tourist Information Center of the Murmansk region".

This time three guides took part in the exam. The examinees demonstrated their professional skills by presenting their excursions around the city of Murmansk. The program included demonstration the following excursions: “Early days of Murmansk”, “Murmansk. From the past to the future”, “A city scorched by war”.


Participants of the event at the Memorial Complex to the Steadfastness and Courage of the Murmansk People during the Great Patriotic War. Photo by A. Yagodina

As part of the exam, the members of the expert council together with the examinees visited the Memorial Complex to the Steadfastness and Courage of the Murmansk People during the Great Patriotic War (monument to the Chimney), the building of the Murmansk Trawl Fleet management, the Monument to Fishermen and Ships of the Trawl Fleet, the Alley of Writers and other attractions of the city.

After the exam, a meeting of the expert council held. The expert council consists of people specializing in tourism and hospitality, history and geography of the Murmansk region: representatives of the Tourist Information Center of the Murmansk Region, the Murmansk Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society, the KSC RAS, the Murmansk Arctic State University, museums, and other public and state organizations of the Murmansk Region.


Participants of the event on the Alley of Writers. Photo by A. Yagodina

This time, two guides were able to pass the qualification exam. In the future, they will receive a certificate and a badge of an accredited guide, information about them will be posted on the tourist portal of the Murmansk region.