MRB RGS congratulates everyone involved on the International Photographer's Day

"Raslaka cirque". Lovozersk tundra. View over the Karnasurta mountain (Raven mountain) from the Kedykvyrpahk mountain (The mountain from which stones fall). Photo by V. Novikov

Among the members of the Murmansk Regional Branch of the RGS, there are many talented people with a variety of professions and hobbies, including photographers. On July 12, all photographers – both professionals and amateurs – celebrate their holiday. Its history is connected with the Day of St. Veronica, who is revered as the patroness of photographers and photography.


"On the Edge of the Earth." The Arctic. Photo by V. Novikov

The Kola Arctic is a region of unique beauty that not only inspires local photographers, but also attracts a huge number of visitors from all over the world. People come here to capture the extraordinary and harsh nature of the North, the expanses of the tundra and the Barents Sea, the phenomena of the polar day and night, the northern lights and the sights of the largest city beyond the Arctic Circle.


"Kandalaksha coast". Murmansk region, the White Sea. Photo by V. Novikov

One of the photographers of the Murmansk Regional RGS Branch, Vitaly Novikov, is a member of the The Russian Union of Art Photographers, a laureate of Russian and international photo contests. With his participation, members of the MRB RGS organized a number of photo exhibitions.


"The Distant Shores." Dawn on the Rybachy Peninsula. Photo by V. Novikov

He calls himself a local history photographer. Vitaly Novikov told the Murmansk Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society in an interview that he was very interested in the history of the Kola Peninsula, which he is trying to understand and reflect in his photos. He tries to travel a lot and shoot in different genres including landscape, reportage photography, portraits, astrophotography, and travel photography.


Motka Bay of Lake Lovozero and the Kuamdespakhk mountain, taken from the Ninchurt Mountain, Lovozersk tundra (Luyavrurt), Kola Peninsula. Photo by V. Novikov

“Don't be afraid of photography, love it. Don't assume that you just press a button on your phone and get a nice picture. We all have to strive to be more creative,” Vitaly Novikov said in an interview for the state television and radio company “Murmansk".


Kola Bay. Photo by V. Novikov

The Murmansk Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society congratulates all photographers on their professional holiday and wishes new creative achievements and more sources of inspiration!