A presentation of the report on the "Remember the War" project carried out by the Northern Fleet and the RGS

During the Complex expedition of the Northern Fleet and the Russian Geographical Society "Remember the War". Photo courtesy of A. Kornis

The presentation will take place on April 2 at 3 PM in the Russian Arctic Hall of the Murmansk State Regional Scientific Library.

At a meeting with history lovers, the scientific director of the expedition, Captain 1st rank Alexey Kornis, will calmly and clearly, like a true military officer, tell about the first accomplishments and interesting discoveries of the Complex expedition, as well as share his impressions of the work carried out and answer all questions of the audience.


Report on the "Remember the war" project. Photo by D. Moiseev

In 2021, the Murmansk Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society received a grant for the implementation of certain activities of this project. Particularly, within the framework of the grant it organized the creation of models of the submarines discovered by the Northern Fleet in the Barents Sea and additionally examined during the Complex expedition. At the meeting, the audience will get a chance to see these models.

The participants of the presentation will also talk about the plans for the 2022 season of the Complex Expedition of the Northern Fleet and the Russian Geographical Society.

Additional information: https://www.rgo.ru/ru/murmansk/english/projects/complex-expeditionary-re...