Restoration of the destroyed monument was discussed in Liinahamari

Round table meeting. Photo by T. Lonzhuk

On May 21, a round table was held in Liinahamari, where representatives of local and regional authorities, public organizations, members of the search teams and other concerned people discussed the fate of the monument in Liinahamari, destroyed by a vandal. The Murmansk Regional Branch of the RGS was represented at the round table by the Chairman Denis Moiseev.

Before the round table, its participants tried to get to the destroyed monument. However, the security guard of the limited liability company "Pribrezhny", referring to the directions of his management, refused to let anyone pass, including the Head of the Pechenga Municipal District A.V. Kuznetsov, deputy of the Murmansk Regional Duma L.N. Cherepanova, writer and journalist G.D. Bystrova, social activist A.V. Sokolov.


An attempt to get to the destroyed monument. Photo by D. Moiseev

The monument to the Heroic Submariners of the Northern Fleet in Liinahamari was installed by sailors in 1972, this year it could have turned 50 years old. It personified the memory of the feat of submariners.


Archive photo of the monument. Source:

In 2020, a 72-year-old man, an employee of LLC "Pribrezhny", used a rope to overturn the memorial from the pedestal. An investigation is currently underway. The question of restoring the monument has been raised several times.


The place where the monument to the Heroic Submariners of the Northern Fleet used to stand. Photo by D. Moiseev

“This is a very serious issue that we must convey to everyone and do everything possible to reverse this situation, restore the monument in its original form and provide access to it for all people who value the memory of submariners,” Denis Moiseev said in an interview with TV-21.

In 10 months, the territory under the monument to the Heroic Submariners of the Northern Fleet may become the property of the municipality, and then it will be possible to begin the process of its restoration on the historical territory. During this time, some serious work needs to be done. It is required to find a source of funding, a designer and a construction organization to restore the monument in its original form.