The return of the hydrographic vessel "Romuald Muklevich" marked the end of the Northern Fleet and the RGS joint expedition "Remember the War"

Hydrographic vessel "Romuald Muklevich". Photo by V. Novikov

Throughout the 12-day-long campaign, along with the carrying out planned oceanographic studies, studies of radio navigation and satellite systems, the expedition also searched for ships and vessels that sank during the Great Patriotic War near the port of Murmansk. Presumably, the English corvette Buebell, which was lost in February 1945, the English destroyer Matabele, sunk by the German submarine U-454 in January 1942, the patrol ship Passat and the rescue vessel RT-67, which sank after the attack of German destroyers in 1941, as well as several other vessels were found. All discovered objects are supposed to be further examined for final identification.


The return of the hydrographic vessel "Romuald Muklevich". Photo by D. Moiseev

The hydrographic group also studied some parts of the routes of Soviet submarines passing through the German naval mines "Bantos-A" and "Bantos-B".


Hydrographic vessel "Romuald Muklevich". Photo by D. Moiseev

During the expedition, the research group specified the coordinates of the patrol ship "Tuman", discovered earlier during a complex expedition, as well as the places where the Soviet submarines K-2 and D-3, German submarines U-307 and U-286 sank.


The captain of the vessel Ruslan Dilmukhametov. Photo by V. Novikov

The collected material is not only a memory of the crews of the lost ships and vessels, it will also serve as an information source for the proofreading and republishing of existing nautical charts and manuals, including manuals for navigation. For example, several incorrectly shown places of death of ships and vessels will be removed from the maps, which will expand opportunities for coastal fishing and other marine economic activities.


Head of the Hydrography Department of the Northern Fleet Alexey Kornis. Photo by V. Novikov

Throughout the complex expedition of the Northern Fleet and the Russian Geographical Society "Remember the War", the hydrographic vessel Romuald Muklevich in 2021 went out to the sea three times in total.


MRB RGS Chairman Denis Moiseev. Photo by V. Novikov

During these expeditions, more than 2.8 thousand square kilometers of the Barents and Kara Seas bottom was surveyed. The expedition discovered four warships (two of them were found with the help of other search and rescue support forces), six vessels, one bottom mine, and also confirmed or clarified the coordinates of 12 sunken objects on maps.


The crew of the vessel. Photo by V. Novikov


Hydrographic vessel "Romuald Muklevich". Photo by V. Novikov