The "Russian Arctic: discovery, exploration, development, protection" photo album is now availiable online

The photo album "Russian Arctic: discovery, exploration, development, protection", prepared by Semyon Weizman, a member of the RGS for the Murmansk Regional Branch, has been uploaded to the "Kola North" electronic library. The colorful publication telling about one of the most beautiful and richest regions of Russia was prepared by a member of the Murmansk Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society, Semyon Weizman.

"The Arctic is harsh, majestic and beautiful. The amazing whiteness of the snow, the breathtaking beauty of the northern lights, the power of icebergs and pressure ridges, a unique, almost fairytale-like variety of animals, birds and fish — all this will, as before, attract travelers, inspire artists and poets. This is a whole exciting world you can explore forever," says the publication.


Materials of the photo album

The photo album contains more than 270 pages of rare and interesting engravings, drawings, paintings and photographs. The creative team of the company “Parokhod” had been preparing materials for the album for more than two years.


Materials of the photo album

The creative team tried to show the tremendous work of many generations of Russians who took an active part in the development of the Russian Arctic, the beauty and greatness of the region, heroism and the crucial role of the Northern Fleet in protecting Russia's Arctic borders.