Students from Murmansk took part in the Arctic Frontiers Student Forum

Participants and organizers

Participants of the Forum were twenty students from Russian and Norwegian cities: Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Tromsø and Bodø – five students from each city. Coordinator of participation of students from Murmansk was the Murmansk branch of the Russian Geographical Society. Assistant to the Murmansk branch of the Society was the participant of previous forums, PhD student of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, resident of Murmansk, Aleksei Kishankov.

During the Forum, the participants could listen to lectures by scientists, diplomats, experts, working in the Arctic. Besides, the participants could present and discuss their own research projects, and also ideas for development of the Arctic Region. Murmansk students pointed high level of the Forum and the importance of obtained experience of participation in an international event.

Daria Bolkhovskaya, 4th year Bachelor student, Murmansk Arctic State University:

I have got exceptionally positive impressions from the international conference “Arctic Frontiers”. During the whole conference, I tried to attend both scientific and plenary sessions. Presentations were really diverse and they covered issues important for our Barents Region. Within the framework of the conference, the Student Forum was held. Participation in it gave an opportunity to communicate with respected speakers, politicians, project managers in informal conditions and to find answers for urgent questions.

Anastasia Kuzmenkova, 3rd year Bachelor student, Murmansk Arctic State University:

I liked the Forum for the variety of discussed problems. Really, anybody could find something interesting for themselves. The international status of the Forum allowed to learn the diversity of thinking and values of people of different countries and cultures. An excellent tool for language practice and a good opportunity to step away from the strategy of focused thinking.  Thanks to all organizers.

Konstantin Moskvin, 1st year Master student, Murmansk Arctic State University:

Never had I participated in anything such global, as “Arctic Frontiers 2021”. I am still amazed by the fact that the Forum organizers could gather so many representatives of various scientific spheres in one “auditorium”. The Zoom-conferences organized for students helped me to broaden the scope of vision, think more about international politics and business. Particularly, I liked the lecture devoted to psychological health of the Arctic residents. The issues proposed on this session caused active discussion not only during the Forum, but also beyond its program. As for me, I wanted to tell the reported theses to my friends and hear their opinion. I am very grateful that I was given an opportunity to take part in the “Arctic Frontiers”.


Online meeting

Nikita Gordeev, 2nd year Master student, Murmansk Arctic State University:

The idea to combine a high-level conference with a youth event seems to me very successful. Although the Forum was for students, all the participants clearly understood what they want to do and what they want to achieve; they are decisive and ambitious enough to make the first step, but sometimes not experienced enough to determine what exactly this step should be. The help for them was supposed to come from “senior” participants of the conference, who in turn, obtained new ideas and energy for further work. In general, the conference was productive for all the participants.

Ilia Lepkovich, 3rd year Specialist student, Murmansk State Technical University:

Very interesting forum. Thanks for these cool four days. Communicated with many people, exchanged experience. Satisfied with the work.