Vladimir Sorokazherdyev presented his new book “Teriberka” at his Anniversary recital

V. V. Sorokazherdyev’s Anniversary recital. Photo by A. Yagodina

The first part of the evening was devoted to Vladimir Sorokazherdyev’s poetic work: his friends and colleagues, writers and local historians delivered speeches, Murmansk musician Alexander Bazanov performed a song based on Sorokazherdyev’s poems, the hero of the day himself read some of his poems.


Participants of the event. Photo by A. Yagodina


Vladimir Sorokazherdiev has been a member of the Russian Geographical Society for many years. Denis Moiseev, the chairman of the Murmansk Regional Branch, and Svetlana Savelyeva, the secretary, congratulated him on his anniversary.


Congratulations from the representatives of the RGS. Photo by A. Yagodina

Denis Moiseev: "Vladimir Vasilyevich is one of the oldest members of the Murmansk RGS Branch. It is difficult to list how much he has done for Society. In our archive  we still keep the protocols he signed while working as a scientific secretary of the Murmansk Branch. Currently, Vladimir Vasilyevich is a member of the Council of the Murmansk Regional Branch and he takes an active part in the activities of the Society.”

In the second part of the recital, Vladimir Sorokazherdiev presented his new books, "The Flame of his domes. The Resurrection Church in Kola”, which was published a year ago, and the book “Teriberka", published in 2021.


V. V. Sorokazherdyev. Photo by A. Yagodina


Everyone knows about Teriberka now, this place is extremely popular with tourists and film-makers. Oddly enough, up to this point, no books were written about the village. Vladimir Vasilyevich is the first who created such a work dedicated to Teriberka, the first mentions of which date back to the XVI century.

Vladimir Sorokazherdyev: "This is the first book about Teriberka. There are books about all the cities of the Murmansk region, some of the cities have several books even, but there were no books about Teriberka. This was one of the reasons why I took up this topic. While  I was working on this book, the pandemic began. A year and a half ago, I was working in the local archive with a pile of documents, but one day there were none, they all had been removed, and I had to finish this book at home."


Books by V. V. Sorokazherdyev. Photo by A. Yagodina

The book consists of three parts. The first part describes the pre-revolutionary history of the village, the main milestones of its formation in the Soviet era and the decline of the once lively place. In the second part of the book, there are brief essays on what this place is famous for, why does it attract writers and artists, film-makers and tourists. The third part of the book contains travel notes written by navigators, writers, scientists of the XIX and XX centuries.