Expedition to Arzhaan Water Springs

The expedition to the hard-to-reach Arzhaans natural water springs (Azhyg-Sug in the Chaa-Kholsky district and Shivilig in the Bay-Tayginsky district of the Republic of Tuva) completed. Kara-kys Arakchaa, the chairman of the Tuvinian branch of the Russian Geographical Society and organizer of the trip, Ph.D. Natalia Sidorina, the group head from the laboratory of natural curative resources of Tomsk Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy and crew from the My Planet television channel took part in the expedition.

Chairman of the Tuvinian branch Kara-kys Arakchaa has been studying the hydro-chemical composition of the healing springs of Tuva for more than 30 years, working closely with Tomsk Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy. The results of the joint research work will be the basis for the development of methodological recommendations for the treatment of the population in Arzhaan.

And it was during this period that the crew of the My Planet television channel arrived in Tuva to make a film "Living Water" about the curative springs of Tuva.