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Wrangel Island. Photo: Maxim Lyamenkov, participant of the RGS’s contest "The Most Beautiful Country"
It will help to assess the seismic hazard in the long term
At the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Photo: Dmitry Gritsenko
The results of the project "Russian Heritage of the Himalayas" are presented to scientists of Nepal
The village of Khatanga on Taimyr is being renovated thanks to tourism. Photo: Pavel Ivshin
How creative tourism affects the development of territories was talked about at the V International...
Filming at the Russian House in New Delhi. Photo: Krasnodar Branch of the RGS
The movie is created as part of the “Russian Heritage of the Himalayas” project
Ivan Chaika and Oleg Osipov. Photo: Krasnodar Branch of the RGS
The books were handed over as part of the opening of the exhibition "Bouquet of Peaks: Great...

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