A book about the expedition to Franz Joseph Land was presented to Kola schoolchildren

Rostislav Gaidovsky. Photo by A. Yagodina

The event at the Kola Central Children's Library was attended by a member of the MRB RGS Council, Arctic captain Rostislav Gaidovsky and his colleague Vladimir Zavora, who is currently working in Western Siberia as a supervisor at the Rosneft.


Participants of the event. Photo by A. Yagodina

Rostislav Gaidovsky is a geologist, a sailor, a researcher, a sea captain. In 1985, he took part in a historical and archaeological expedition to Franz Josef Land. He was the deputy chief of the expedition.

“During this expedition several important, one might say sensational discoveries were made. In 1985, members of our expedition, including four Murmansk residents, went on an icebreaker to Franz Josef Land. At that time, I had already worked there for about 10 years. I along with the four other Murmansk residents ensured the safety of this entire expedition, as many other members were unfamiliar with the Arctic. For instance, there were people from Minsk and Moscow, ” Rostislav Gaidovsky said.


Participants of the event. Photo by A. Yagodina

A book based on the materials of the 1985 expedition was presented at the event. It was published in 2021 on the initiative of the Murmansk Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society and with the financial support of the Norilsk Nickel. Rostislav Gaidovsky is one of its co-authors of the book.  He told the audience about the interesting moments and important discoveries of the expedition to Franz Josef Land, about working in Artic and his many professions. Gaidovsky is not only a polar captain and a discoverer, he is also a trained architect and builder and even studied at a seminary. Among other discoveries of the 1985 expedition, it is important to note the strait discovered by Rostislav Gaidovsky and later named in his honor.

“Rostislav Gaidovsky told only a small fraction of what he knows and what he has done in this life. He really is a legend. At the age of 22, he was the first captain of the Murmansk Shipping Company and the entire Northern Basin. He supervised the world's first Arctic gas exploration expedition with a goal to search for oil and gas on the islands of the Arctic Ocean,” Vladimir Zavora said.

In 1973 – 1974  Rostislav Gaidovsky was a captain on the Arctic icebreaker Krasin, which had for many years ensured ship routing and functioning of scientific expeditions. On March 31, 2022, he took part in the celebrations dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the raising of the Russian Navy ensign on board.


Vladimir Zavora and Rostislav Gaidovsky. Photo by A. Yagodina

Vladimir Zavora prepared an interesting and detailed speech about working in the oil industry both at sea and on land – he has been working in this field since 1978. He told the schoolchildren the main things about his activity, answered questions from the audience and talked about what competencies you need to have in order to start working in the field of oil production. Summing up, Vladimir Zavora and Rostislav Gaidovsky noted that being enthusiastic and loving what you do is what's most important.


Vladimir Zavora and Rostislav Gaidovsky. Photo by A. Yagodina

“You need to choose a profession that will turn out to be your calling. For example, my main profession has always been the sea. I was repeatedly offered to work at the ministries, once I even became a director for a while, but then I still returned to the sea,” Rostislav Gaidovsky said concluding the meeting.