Murmansk regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society invites you to have a look at the materials of the Complex Expedition “Remember the War”

Materials of the Complex expedition “Remember the war". Photo by D. Moiseev

In the Russian Arctic hall of the Murmansk Regional Scientific Library, you can have a look at the report on the Complex Expedition of the Northern Fleet and the Russian Geographical Society "Remember the War". It contains detailed information about all the expedition stages carried out in 2021. Most of the materials obtained during the Complex Expedition were used in the preparation of the publication, some of them are being published for the first time. The publication was presented at an event in the Murmansk Regional Scientific Library on April 2.

Along with the report, there are also models of three submarines discovered during the expedition:  K-2D-3 and U-387. Their creation was organized by the Murmansk Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society within the framework of the RGS grant "Complex expeditionary research in the Arctic region of the Russian Federation in 2021”. Each model is extremely detailed. All three are unique, each of them is the only copy. Each model has a special page on the Murmansk Regional RGS Branch's website the with historical information about the submarines.

The report and models of submarines will stay in the Murmansk Regional Scientific Library until mid-May.