Museum of a Walking Beyond the Horizon Man


"The world lives by aspirations of restless people, seeking to look beyond the horizon." This phrase of the famous traveler and TV documentary films creator Yuri Senkevich was once again confirmed by a member of the Novorossiysk local branch of the Krasnodar regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society, Honored Traveler of Russia, veteran of the Armed Forces of the USSR, and famous athlete Anatoly Tsepkalo. In a small privately owned housing, he opened a museum of his solitary travels and expeditions.

Anatoly Alexandrovich, indeed, has many things to show and speek about. He went on the first ultra-long hike Vorkuta-Moscow in 1987. He overcame 2173 kilometers in 47 days, military punctually making marks with post offices stamps along the route.


Since then, traveling has become a matter of life for Tsepkalo. The Vorkuta-Salekhard hiking route, cycling through hero cities - Sevastopol - Kerch - Novorossiysk - Volgograd - Tula - Moscow, rafting on the Don, skiing - Novy Urengoy - Tarko-Sale. In total, more than thirty expeditions,  20 000 kilometers on the whole. This is half the circumference of the Equator! And every time he relied only on his own strength, without anyone’s help.


Anatoly Alexandrovich came accross an idea to create his own museum, when he was sorting out the yellowed letters to home from a regular 30-year trip: "Hello, dear. Today  I have a night rest at the station Vis in the Sosnogorsky district. How are you? Do not worry about me. It is great to hear the approval of my transition in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Revolution at meetings with the local population .... This morning was frosty. The forests here are beautiful. Coniferous. I saw wood grouses. Our homeland is wonderful. Here on the route you especially feel how great geographical vastness of Russia is. "


The exposition of the private museum of Anatoly Tsepkalo consists of dozens of travel diaries with detailed descriptions of routes, equipment, memorable souvenirs and simple gifts that the traveler got during his adventures. The collection contains hundreds of letters and photographs with autographs of famous military leaders, artists and political leaders of several eras of the USSR and Russia.


Telling visitors about his adventures, Anatoly Alexandrovich often takes a guitar in his hands. He is not surprised that young tourists are singing popular songs of the past years togerther with him. This means that there is no end to the restless tribe going beyond the horizon. This means that those who follow you, continue your route and walk your path.