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Изменится ли туризм и туристы в ближайшем будущем - обсудят на онлайн-форуме. Фото: Алексей Михайлов
15 October 2021

Its participants will meet the members of the expedition of the Russian Geographical Society "RussIa – 2021"

06 March 2021

Photos and videos quickly spread across the Internet

21 January 2021

Astrocamping offers stargazing and archeological excursions

26 December 2020

Part of the quarters of residential buildings and outbuildings was also found at the site.

06 November 2020

They can be seen by participants of the tour route of the RGS - "The Golden Ring of the Bosporan Kingdom"

Фото предоставлено Краснодарским отделением РГО
10 October 2020

They have taken root well, and their population is actively growing

03 September 2020

This is the world's most accurate and detailed digital model of the monument

01 September 2020

It dates back to the 4th – 2nd centuries BC