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29 ноября 2021

An electronic collection of proceedings of the II International Scientific and Practical Conference “Security of the Arctic frontiers: ecology, history, images of the future”, held in October 2021, has been published.

27 ноября 2021

This year, the "Northern Character" takes place for the 13th time. On November 25, representatives of the Murmansk Regional Branch of the RGS attended the opening ceremony of the film festival, as well as the opening film.

20 ноября 2021

The RGS Youth Club held an open meeting and organized the Geographical Dictation in the Murmansk Regional Scientific Library.

18 ноября 2021

On November, 14 readers aging from 12 to 83 proved their knowledge of our vast and mysterious country by taking part in the annual educational campaign and going on an exciting intellectual journey organized by the Russian Geographical Society.

18 ноября 2021

In October 2021, a photo exhibition dedicated to the unique nature of the Kola Region was held at the Russian Navy radio station “ZEVS”. The exhibition was created and presented with the support of the Murmansk branch of the Russian Geographical Society.