Become the Author of the Symbol of the International Event of the RGS "Night of Geography – 2022"

The Russian Geographical Society announced the start of the International Competition "Become the author of the symbol of ‘Night of Geography – 2022’". We are expecting bright and memorable works from you until April 30, inclusive. The winners will receive commemorative prizes – souvenirs with the symbols of the Russian Geographical Society.

Anyone can become a co-author of the official symbol of “Night of Geography – 2022” event regardless of age and place of residence. Each participant has the right to submit no more than three variants of the event’s symbol/emblem.

Graphic color images in PDF or JPG format are accepted for the contest. The symbols participating in the contest must meet the following requirements:

— originality and uniqueness: the participants of the competition guarantee that they are the authors of the sent graphic works;

— symbols must not repeat, duplicate or otherwise match the emblems of other companies and events, including not being confusingly similar to symbols previously registered as trademarks;

— the symbol’s image content should not contradict public interests, as well as the principles of humanity and morality (should not contain profanity, insults, signs of discrimination, calls for violence, promote an unhealthy lifestyle, and so on);

— symbols should not include textual indications or graphic images of the words "Russian Federation" or "Russia", as well as words derived from these names;

— images should not contain graphic or textual indications of names or pseudonyms of a person famous in the Russian Federation.

We would like to remind you once again that the applications for the competition are accepted until April 30, 2022, inclusive. Up to three people can become winners. Their names will be announced no later than May 20. After the results are announced, those who will be among the lucky ones will need to submit their symbols in Ai or Eps, A4 format, indicating the color palette of the logo in CMYK, with the fonts used in the design of the symbol attached to the letter.

Participate in the competition "Become the author of the symbol of ‘Night of Geography – 2022’"